If all your potential clients knew about you, is what they had seen on your business card, and then they visit your office, would it look to them like the company represented on that card belongs in that office?

Every self-respecting company must have a clean and well maintained workplace – both because of the productive working environment it creates among the staff as well as because of the favourable impression it creates with potential clients.

An office that is not kept clean indicates that your company does not pay attention to details or perhaps that does not strive for long term results of its actions as evidenced by the money spent on furnishings and the lack of subsequent upkeep.

Is that how you would like your office, and by association your company, to be perceived? If the answer is “No!”, here are some of the top benefits for hiring an office cleaning contractor to clean and maintain your business premises.

Cut operational costs

Hiring an in-house cleaner can be really expensive especially in terms of the hiring process, training, health and safety, base salary, sick pay, vacation time, health insurance, retirement, equipment, cleaning supplies, etc. On the other hand a professional cleaning company which provides Office cleaning services has all that already in place and under control. Some office cleaning companies also offer additional services such as reactive and scheduled carpet cleaning, handyman services, property maintenance, removal services, pest control and other facilities support services. This will save your company even more time and money as you will not need to look for additional carpet cleaning or Maintenance Company to fix any on-going problems at your business premises. You will just pay one easy rate to keep cleaning and maintenance cost low.

Save time and worries

Hiring an office cleaning contractor for your daily office cleaning ensures that your office will be really looked after on regular bases. You will not have to personally supervise the cleaners or beg your colleagues to pick up after themselves. The professional office cleaners make sure that all surfaces – door knobs, light switches, desks, computers, chairs, floors, bathrooms and windows are sanitized and polished up to the highest industry standards . Professional office cleaners take care of all cleaning responsibilities including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, washing, trash collection, polishing – everything needed for an impressive and productive clean office environment.

Inspire staff and reduce sick leaves

Clean and sanitized office premises can surely cut down on the number off sick days taken, which costing The UK business the whopping £17 bn per year. According to CBI/Pfizer Absence and Workplace Health Survey the UK economy has lost 190 million working days to absence in 2009, with each employee taking an average of 6.5 days off sick.
Keeping good hygiene in your workplace does not only prevent viruses and diseases to be spread but it also boosts productivity. It’s much easier to focus and unleash your creativity when there aren’t germs and dust floating around the office. Furthermore, your staff will surely appreciate when they see that you care about their health and wellbeing.

Impress Clients

The look of your office represents how well your company functions. After you have designed astonishing business card and developed a winning website, clients also have high expectations when they come to visit your office. Hire a professional office cleaning company to clean and maintain your business premises and show off your office with pride. Daily office cleaning contractor will provide a cost efficient office cleaning services to help you reduce your operational costs and grow your business even further.