Here at Daisyclean, we understand that you’re trying to save money wherever possible, so of course we also understand why window cleaning may not be your top priority. After all, you can clean the windows yourself, right?

While it’s a fact that you can, in this blog post we’re going to explore the benefits of getting the office cleaning professionals in and what this could do for the long-term success of your business.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the basic reasons why people use Daisyclean. The main one, of course, is that we have a wealth of experience with both office cleaning and window cleaning. Another is that we can be relied upon for a fast and efficient service. For example, what if you have an important meeting coming up on Monday, and you don’t have anyone to clean the office windows? You could get an employee in to do so, but you’d need to check that their work was satisfactory afterwards. The alternative could be turning up on Monday morning to discover that the windows aren’t as clean as your employee initially thought they were…

Professional window cleaning means a better mood in the office all-round

So, what about the other benefits of clean windows in the workplace? One big one is a better mood in the office. We’ve all sat on the bus and felt slightly depressed by how grubby the windows are. When you work in an office environment all-day-every-day, it’s crucial to be able to see out into the world. The alternative is a feeling of isolation and, of course, a distinct lack of essential sunlight.

While the windows would have to be pretty filthy to not let any sunlight at all in, it’s incredible how dirt and grime can build up and block out this crucial natural element. Clean windows mean the sun shines in and makes your employees smile. Dirty windows create a gloomy environment, which only makes the winter months more difficult to bear for your employees. The result, of course, is a lack of motivation, which, in turn, effects how much they are willing to do. In simple terms, window cleaning isn’t solely about doing what visiting clients expect of you. It’s also about creating an environment where people are productive, happy and willing to work to the best of their abilities.