Please see Part 1 before you read this, if you haven’t already!

Part 2

Spillage and watery concerns

Spillage is a funny thing. Many offices get used to Terry, from the office outside, who splashes tea on the floor every single time he comes into the office. But spillages do have a dark-side, remember! Spillages can mean disaster if someone slips and luck isn’t on their side. And this happens commonly in many kinds of businesses. Not great when someone is transporting boxes or moving the slide projector into the conference room…

So a reporting system ideally needs to be put into place. It can be as simple as calling all the employees into a short meeting on a Tuesday, when they’re focussed and alert. Tell them that from now on, all spillages need to be reported, no matter how small. If possible, have a book which spillages get written down in. Even if this happens anonymously, it’s a good idea. As long as someone is assigned the task of checking and acting on anything reported.

Speaking of which…what happens once the spillage is reported? It’s all good and well checking, but what if the person checking forgets to clear it up or simply gets too busy to do so? It’s always good to have a couple of people keep an eye on this. Daisyclean can help you out, of course. Because we handle office cleaning and evening cleaning for lots of firms, we also handle washing the floor. And with us doing so, we keep things tidy and clean and dry. Which means that your employees aren’t tasked with this extra job and can get on better with what they are doing.

Non-slip or full-slip?

It may sound obvious, but if an area is wet much of the time, it may be worth covering the area with non-slip – grippy – materials. This may mean spending money, but the rewards are obvious. A clear period of injury and safe employees is enough to prove that spending the money was certainly worth it.

You’ll also want to consider giving your employees non-slip safety shoes – especially if an area of your work-place is renowned for being the home of many accidents. Equally, a clean floor makes a big difference and makes less work in the long run.

So…are your floors and workplace getting the attention they deserve?