The daily office cleaning and Hygiene play a crucial role in how employees think & act.

In hard financial times, it’s hardly surprising that some companies choose to cut down on costs for office cleaning by whizzing round the office after work with a cheap vacuum cleaner. Spray a bit of air-freshener, clean the kitchen table and there you have it: a clean and tidy work-place, fit for the week! Or even worse: including daily office cleaning as part of employees daily tasks who really are not that happy to perform mopping or dusting after or before work.

Except the reality can be very different…carpets get constant abuse from dirty shoes, and over a period of time, dust can collect in carpets and curtains, settling deep into the fibres and surfaces. The boss and management might think that the workplace is perfectly clean, and doesn’t need daily office cleaning but in fact, chances are that things are different. The problem with dirt, dust and grime is that with the time it gets airborne which affects efficiency. Dusty air, floors, desks, keyboards and flooring have an effect on both workers’ mental well-being and their physical health. This presents a problem, because when people aren’t satisfied with their working environment, they’re less likely to put the kind of effort in that a company demands to achieve success.
The employees are the most valuable asset in every company and they must be looked after.

Illnesses and allergies cost businesses time and money

Illnesses and allergies caused by dust are another huge problem which employers face, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. With more and more people contracting allergies and illnesses, more time is being taken off sick than ever before. Worse, replacing sick employees takes added time and resources. Daily office cleaning obviously can’t solve all a business’s problems, but what it can do is ensure that the working environment is as clean and hygienic as is possible, at all times.

Daily office cleaning removes workplace stress

When you bring Daisyclean in, we will daily office cleaning so that your employees don’t get lumbered with the task. This means less arguments about who’s going to clean the carpet at the end of the week, and more free-time available, allowing you to focus your employees on the areas at which they most excel. There are additional benefits to office cleaning, too: for example, the office smells better, employees are happier to work over-time and even contribute to cleanness and hygiene by themselves. All good things which happen naturally and organically, by using qualified experts with years of experience.