When considering the exterior of any building or property, people will usually opt to have a commercial window cleaning company carry out the job. Such companies (who should be fully insured and licensed) will include a variety of different window cleans, offering a general clean, right up to the full works with every minute detail included. The staff of the window cleaning company will either use a pressure washer or may clean by hand, and they will always bring their own equipment for the job, usually by company van.

The commercial cleaner should be able to handle just about any general wash of windows for any particular type of building, and offer a year round service. They may have preferences and seek to know what level your windows are at, because if you live in a high storey building, this will obviously require more equipment. This window cleaning service is offered year around as well.

For a basic wash, the window cleaner will use soap and water and apply the mixture via an extendable or hand held washer and then the excess is cleaned off with a squeegee. The window is then dried with microfiber cloth or towels. This is what you will see most commonly used in the streets of shop fronts and office buildings.

You can ask for a slightly higher order of service and this will include the window cleaner to clear the window of dirt and debris too. This would include scraps of wood or dried paint and these will be tidied up and made to look smoother and less unsightly. The rest of the regular window clean will be carried out after this process is completed.

There is an even higher level of window clean that some do request on occasion. This will depend on the client and only some window cleaners deliver this kind of tailored service. It is a thorough deep clean of the entire window, the frames and the sills. A special solution is mixed and applied which protects the paint and ensures this level of clean will not need to be carried out for another year.

It is really important to hire a window cleaner, especially if you have a commercial business and would like your property to maintain a healthy-looking exterior to entice customers. It sends out a positive message that your business cares about its appearance, and indirectly, cares about its clients. First impressions really matter and your windows offer a unique first hand glimpse into your business, so it is best to make sure they sparkle every day. For more details, contact us and we will provide quality service and all the information you need.