If you are in need of house or property clearance and fear that there may a risk of hazardous or verminous materials in the vicinity, then it may be wise to contact a professional cleaning and disposal company. They will then outline what the specifics are for the job, as well as the estimated costs involved.

Each property is entirely different and so will need to be assessed by the professionals, who will carry out a thorough investigation beforehand. Typically, a building that is classified as verminous can include clinical waste, drug related waste, animal/human faeces, needles, rotting food and other waste.

Such conditions do represent a hazard in line with the health and environmental guidelines, and so you will be making the correct decision to approach professional help for disposal of it. If it goes unreported, then there is a risk of prosecution, as this is a breach of the environmental laws. It is also contaminating an area and makes it dangerous in all sorts of ways for humans and animals to be in close proximity to. Therefore, something needs to be done.

If you have made contact with a company that is experienced in disposing and dealing with this kind of work, then here is what you can expect them to carry out. However, it is always best to ask questions prior to the job, so as you understand and are made aware of what happens.
The cleaning team should clear and dispose of any animal waste or faeces, along with human waste and faeces. They should deal with the disposal of rotting foodstuffs and the carcasses of animals that may be contaminating the property. They should also clear and remove contaminated furniture, wallpaper and carpets if their cleaning is a futile operation. The deep cleaning of surfaces and other areas where the contamination has reached should be carried out. If there are areas of risk outside the property, such as in the garden, then these too will be cleared and made safe once more.

The cleaning and disposal team will carefully go about their work and with years’ experience, know what to remove and what to keep. They will not simply throw everything out for the sake of it, and instead work meticulously and with a keen eye for what poses a risk. Furthermore, any items of value will be checked and put aside for the owner.

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