For garden lovers the winter is a trying time as it drains the life out of your lawn. By taking a little care and making a little effort you can keep your lawn lush and vibrant.

Here are some useful tips that will help you maintain your lawn and garden just the way you want it.

Keep your lawn free of old leaves and grass

Try to keep your lawn free of dead and old leaves as they may kill the grass beneath them for want of air and sunshine. If the leaves and grass clippings are kept to a minimum it will keep your lawn much healthier as the grass will be able to soak in more sunlight. You can use a light rake or use a brush to keep fallen leaves and debris off your lawn.

Raise the mowing height

The growth of grass during the winter months is slow. So raise the mowing height a bit instead of keeping it to 2.5 cm as advisable in the summer months. Mowing repeatedly may give your lawna scalped look which is undesirable. Besides, your lawn gets prone to diseases and more weeds if you mow it repeatedly.

Mow your lawn only once in three to four weeks

Lawn growth slows down substantially in the winter months so it is better to mow the grass only once in three to four weeks to keep it in good condition. Different varieties of grass have different growing rates so keep that in mind. Try not to let the grass exceed 5-6 cm in height as your lawn will look messy. Mowing once a month will keep the lawn looking healthy and well maintained. But you should not do mowing if you are expecting heavy frosts or if the ground is too wet.

Winter is the ideal time for sowing seeds

Your lawn may have some patches where there is no grass at all. You could try to sow seeds in those areas as it will cover those patches with grass after some time. Winter is the best time for sowing seeds as it encourages germination. You can also think of aerating your lawn during the winter season as it helps the process of germination.

Try aerating your lawn with extra oxygen

Aerating the lawn during the winter months is a good idea as it will make your lawn breathe again because due to a lot of foot traffic in the summer months the ground below becomes compact and there is practically no aeration. The grass will require oxygen for growing. You can always hire an aerator from the local DIY store to do proper aeration.

Give your lawn proper nutrients

Just like in the summer months the grass will require vital nutrients even if the productivity decreases. Among the three main nutrients, you will need phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Choose a fertilizer that has the correct mix of all these three nutrients. And when they are mixed with the soil it gives the much needed nutrition to make the grass grow healthier and greener. You will have to find out from your gardener which type of fertilizer is best for your garden’s soil composition and your lawn type.

Water it well once before the harsh winter sets in

Before the harsh winter sets in you will have to water the lawn well at least once. When you do this, the fertilizers that are added to the soil will take effect and your lawn will have just the right amount of moisture and water content.   Follow these steps during the winter months and your lawn will look stunningly beautiful, pleasing to you and will surely impress your visitors. But in case you don’t want to do any gardening in the winter simply because it’s too gold or you are not bothered to do it yourself, just call your local gardener and take the advantage of his professional gardening services.