Using high water pressure can be useful in so many different ways. Here we will discuss the benefits of using high pressure for cleaning and also find out what makes it so great.

So what is the point of having high pressure cleaning? The truth is, that an everyday garden hose, just sometimes isn’t strong enough to cope with certain situations. Be it cleaning paving stones, decking boards, garden furniture or stubborn marks on the car, the garden hose just isn’t in the same league as it is high pressure cleaning equivalent.

The power that high pressure deals with is far superior and as a result will clean almost any material not only quicker, but deliver a far more satisfactory outcome. The types of materials and things that you  could clean using high pressure washer would be patios, paving slabs, shutters, barrels, cars and other vehicles, sheds, fences – the list is endless. The pressure the water reaches makes sure that the dirt doesn’t have a chance of remaining. The results you’ll achieve will simply astonish you. So too, will the speed at which they are achieved.

So, how does it work? The pressure washer is connected to ordinary garden hose which runs water through at normal pressures, 4 bars, or 60 PSI. With the pressure washer installed, the pressure is then elevated to 150 bars or 2200 PSI. This then results in the water to exit the hose nozzle at great speed and intensity. The water is not splashing everywhere however. The tip of the nozzle creates a concentrated jet stream of water, so that you can aim it at any stain or desired location and simply blast away the unwanted grime.

By using a high pressured cleaner, you may think that you are wasting a lot of water and at the same time, a lot of money. This isn’t true however. In fact, the jet hose is saving you money. With a regular garden hose, you would use on average 3,500 litres of water every hour. With a high pressure machine, you would use only 400 litres per hour. This is because the high pressure eliminates any waste and spillage, whilst maximising the amount of time needed for the job. This makes it a great tool to have handy around the home or work.

They are simple and quick to apply and use, so the high pressure really should be an automatic choice for the everyday home owner.

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Photo by irum