If you are planning on having guests round to your home – be it for a dinner party or an overnight stay – and you feel like you need to give your place a good clean, then the following are some good tips if you are struggling with time. You want to create a nice ambiance and show off your home to the best of its qualities and also show them that you are proud of your property.

Firstly, make sure you have enough room for your guests to hang their coats, scarves or hats. Do this by removing any unwanted or underused jackets and coats of your own. By doing this, it not only helps your guest out by providing space, but also gives them a great first impression of your home.

Dusting is a brilliant way to really make your home shine. It can be a greatly underrated cleaning process, but by going round and wiping clean all areas, but especially the ones that your guests are likely to see, and then you will really deliver the goods. The beauty is that dusting is quick and easy, and you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Just a damp or microfiber cloth will do the trick. You can wipe away or vacuum with round brash, grime from all surfaces, the tops of pictures, your TV, coffee table, skirting boards, door handles, light switches and the list is endless.

Whatever you have time for, try and dust because your room will gleam as a result.

Make sure your mirrors have also been wiped and cleaned as your guests are bound to use at least one in their visit and a grubby mirror can really lead to a negative impression of your home.
Vacuum your home. It doesn’t take very long to quickly go round each room, and you’ll be surprised how much cleaner it looks when your carpet has been properly vacuumed. If you have any stains and you have the time and energy, then you could try and deep clean your carpet to remove the marks.

The bathroom must be clean, and so make sure all the porcelain surfaces and bright work are gleaming by wiping them clean and use a spray cleaner. There is not many greater turn offs than a dirty toilet, so really go to town on making it sparkle and feel comfortable and fresh for your guests, as no doubt, they will be using the bathroom throughout their stay.
Follow these tips, and within just a couple of hours maximum, you should have your home tidy, clean and freshly prepared for your guests.