Do you find organizing house work harder than the actual work? Do you need a portable to-do list at all times? How about cleaning tips on the palm of your hand? And if all the actual cleaning is not enough, why not play some cleaning games?

Here’s a list of a few apps and games we’ve chosen to keep you organized and entertained! Enjoy!


House Clean
House Clean by Covano (FREE)

Description: This app is used to maintain the list of items that needs to be cleaned on a home at frequent intervals. This is a Fully functional version of the app with more functionalities than the previous releases which will take care of scheduling your entire house work items. It comes preloaded with a master list of items, so that when you create a new list for each month the master items are already available. You can email the list to anyone or to yourself to have as a reference.

House Cleaning Tips+
House Cleaning Tips+ by GoogleKeywordsVideos (FREE)

Description: It’s time to clean your house—again. Housecleaning can be very overwhelming. Don’t know where to begin? 51 House Cleaning Shortcuts can help!

Organize You Home+
Organize Your Home+ by Google Keywords Videos (FREE)

Description: Do you have too much clutter in your home? Is your closet a danger zone? Do you keep everything in your garage except your car?
51 Ways to Organize Your Home can help! You’ll learn… How to make an effective to-do list. How to control the paper flow. How to make the most of your attic. How to manage your kids’ rooms. How to organize your closets.

House Cleaning List
House Cleaning List by Jimbl (£0.63)

Description: Fully configurable and pre-loaded House Cleaning list. Are you always tired of playing catch-up with house cleaning? Having a good list of things to clean will decrease your stress and make you more efficient. With this app, you no longer have to worry if you missed a spot, saving you the embarrassment when you have guests over. The app comes pre-loaded with more than 150+ items to help with organizing your cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Planner
Spring Cleaning Planner by Little Apps (£0.61)

Description: Planning on giving your house or apartment a proper cleaning? If you are going to do the job, then make sure you do it right. This handy checklist app will help you do just that, by helping you to remember all the little details.

Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping @Home by The Zumobi Network (FREE)

Description: Smart solutions for the home: Stain Buster, home cleaning, home decor & more. Introducing Good Housekeeing @Home, the magazine’s first-ever Android application. Smart solutions for house and home are just a touch away! The same great Good (Enough) Housekeeping advice you count on in the magazine and on is now available for free on your Android device.


Egg House Clean-up
Egg House Clean Up by Empire Games (FREE)

Description: The Easter bunny is soon to stop by this lovely egg family’s house… too bad that the cute little eggs haven’t yet finished cleaning up their lovely, colourful egg-shaped house. Maybe you could give them a helping hand with their spring cleaning up session! Play the Easter egg house clean up game and step into their fantasy egg house!

Girl Clean Room
Girl Clean Room by Bedside Games (FREE)

Description: Jenny has her own room and she almost spends most of her time on decorating the house. However, one day one of her pets enter her room and after the pet leaves, her room is totally in a mess. She has to clean the room. Now help poor girl clean the house, put everything back to where they were.

Cleaning Lady Lite
Cleaning Lady Lite by Gp Imports (FREE)

Description: Are you a clean freak? Or a big messy slob?! In this edition we include additional level and several bonuses. Also graphics are extremely well polished. Are you a clean freak? Or a big messy slob?! Help Ana clean the house before the landlord comes to check on her!