Domestic cleaners who are paid to clean people’s homes are usually experienced and utilise a variety of different methods to make sure your home is clean and tidy. They can also improve your own organisation and general tidiness. It is in their best interests to achieve excellent results, as a lot of home cleaners get their clients via word of mouth through current customers.Therefore it is prudent to always try and uphold a top quality service, including hygiene, cleanliness and organisation, which can often improve our own skills in these same areas.

Try and plan ahead for your cleaner. By sticking to the same day or days each week, everyone will have equal expectations and there should be no scheduling problems. The same applies for the time of day or evening that they will clean. Use a calendar or memo pad to remind yourself of the days and time in which the cleaner is visiting. This will aid your weekly routine and help organise around your other commitments.

It is usually wise to have a small tidy up, or a general de-clutter, so the cleaner can reach surfaces that they may otherwise leave alone, because it has your personal belongings in the way. If you expect the cleaner to sort through your piles of newspapers and litter then you may be in for a surprise. Make sure your home is manageable for the cleaner and key areas are identified beforehand. Also, address what equipment they will be bringing themselves and what equipment they may need to use, such as a vacuum for cleaning the carpet or mop and bucket for washing floors.

For general household cleaning, a cleaner will probably use multipurpose cleaner instead of more toxic and potentially harsher chemicals which are unnecessary. Areas in the bathroom and kitchen, liketiles, oven, hobs, the bath, shower, toilet and sinks should be given close attention and may need stronger products.The domestic cleaner will happily dust the rooms you require, and it is up to you both to communicate what you would like to be achieved, and in what given time frame.

It can be a great idea to hire a cleaner for your home, and will work well both ways. For the cleaner, you are providing much needed work and you are being provided with a quality service when you may not have the time to succeed otherwise.