Relocate cost efficiently and conveniently.
Moving from one place to another can sometimes be an ordeal. With some planning the moving process can be simplified to a large extent. Below are some simple steps that can help you move in a more organized and stress-free manner.

Getting started

Relocating may involve selling your home and buying a new one or moving tenancy from one place to another. This can be an expensive and time consuming proposition and hence you should bear in mind whether it is the right time to relocate.

Professional agency or DIY

Consider if you want to hire the service of a professional removal company to help you move or do you want to take on the responsibility yourself.

Getting the help of a professional does cost money but it definitely saves you a lot of time and stress. Besides, there are removal companies, which provide complete relocation services, while others offer specific services. So if time is a big constraint it is advisable to enlist the help of a professional removal firm.


Before you relocate, you’ll need to inform a number of companies and people about your change of address. Most importantly, you’ll need to call your bank and utility companies about your plan to relocate. If you have a child in school, you’ll need to ensure your child is admitted to a new school.

Arrange travel

At least a month or two in advance, make your travel arrangements. If you have a pet, arrange transport that will allow you to carry them as well.

Do away with unnecessary stuff

If you have not used something for a year, you probably don’t need it. Get over your emotional attachment as moving things involve travel cost and stress. If you have spare furniture or there is furniture that will not be required in your new house, you can organize a boot sale and make some money. If there are things that remain unsold, or if you wish, you can give away unwanted items to charity. This will save your moving costs.

Get packing supplies

If you are packing yourself, you’ll have to arrange sufficient packaging supplies such as cardboard boxes and tape. If any of your friends have recently made a move, you can ask if they would pass down their packaging material to you, this will save you money.

Your packaging strategy

Packing in an unplanned manner can make you go mad searching for stuff in your new place. The ideal way is to packing room by room. So pack your kitchen stuff separately from your living room things. Miscellaneous things that cannot be categorized in any room can be packed separately. Put a label on the box and if possible write down the things contained in it. Pack the essentials separately and mark it important. Take specific care of your valuables and important documents.

Enlist the help of friends

Do not hesitate to ask friends for help. You can ask friends for guidance or to come along to help you if you find it hard to pack things on your own. Remember to delegate responsibility to family members to make moving-in less taxing and more fun.

Arrange a removal van

At least a week in advance, arrange for man and van to help you move your stuff.

Don’t leave it to the last minute, plan you move and try to arrange everything while in advance. But in case you are really short of time contact us and find out more how we could help with your relocation.