If you have ever tried to remove wallpaper from yours or a friend’s wall, then you will know what a challenging and time consuming job it can be. To try wallpaper removal yourself with limited experience is asking for a difficult time. There are many factors to take on board, such as how to not damage your walls, and whether to use chemicals or a spray or steam. Even when you think you have all the correct equipment, it never always peel off in neat and clean swathes, and can be stubborn and irritating, even with the best of rented wallpaper strippers.

Therefore, this energy spent could be better used by hiring someone else to do the work for you. There are lots of companies out there that offer great wallpaper removal packages that include re-papering, as well as re-plastering too. Some even go as far as painting the fresh wall afterwards.

You may want a service such as this if you are preparing a house clearance and need the job to be done quickly, but effectively too. Or it may be a personal decision to re decorate, and you would rather have professionals to conduct the work to the highest quality, rather than toil over it yourself. The company should also get rid of the stripped paper, as they go.

Always ask questions when in first contact, so as to ascertain what they do and don’t do. It’s best to have a clear picture in your head of what to expect. The team you call in will often have the expertise to conduct house clearance and removals too, so if this is something that you had thought about, then it’s worth checking if they include this in their services.

With hiring a cleaning company that deals with wallpaper stripping, you can be safe in the knowledge that they have done this many times before. They will be faster and cleaner than you would be, if you chose to go it alone. They have all the right tools and equipment ready for the job, and will use which ones they deem as best for the task in hand. The team should maintain a regard for the cleanliness of your property and therefore lay down dust sheets and take care in the removal of stripped wallpaper and treading dirt into the building.

Overall, hiring somebody to do the job for you can be a great option if you have not had any prior experience, and will see the work completed in a far quicker time than could have been achieved by you alone. Do get in touch with Daisyclean for further advice on wallpaper removal,

Photo by dleafy