Years ago, it was expected that the washroom/WC would be a bit of a mess at work. Generally, workers accepted that this might be the case, and with less emphasis on hygiene than there is today, there wasn’t much to compel employers to take a pro-active approach.

In 2013, however, a decent washroom isn’t just expected, it’s what is necessary to run an efficient business that really looks after its work-force. Here are 3 sound reasons why your business needs good washroom hygiene.

Commercial cleaning expertise

If you want a thorough job, you have to go to an expert. Here at Daisyclean, we’ve cleaned countless washrooms of various sizes, and we know exactly where to focus our efforts. We’re not saying that your employees aren’t hygienic and don’t know how to look after it. What we are saying, however, is that washrooms get a certain amount of use and employees or every description have little time. Besides this, it isn’t their job to ensure this environment is maintained to a professional standard. After all, if they’re spending time cleaning, they’re not doing what you employed them to do in the first place.

Good hygiene prevents sickness: fact

We often imagine germs as being only air-born things, yet the truth is more sinister – most of the germs which give us colds and flu are passed via surface contact. And germs are hardy: they’ll stick around for hours on the floor, on sinks and on hand-drier buttons. Regular maintenance and cleaning means you wipe these nasty little critters out for good. Which means less days off sick for your staff, who unwittingly pass these bugs between themselves as they go about their business.

First impressions are lasting impressions

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to attain the right employees and keep them on-board. Yet if your washroom looks like a state, you’re already cutting your chances short. When a new employee comes for interview, her or she may base their decision on the job on a number of visual factors, including the washroom and how the office runs and works. By keeping the washroom hygienic, you’re essentially telling new and long-term employees that you do care about their well-being. Which means that they’re far more likely to pay you back with the work that you expect from them.

post photo by CMVH